Boiler Maintenance

It helps to have a boiler that is going to work efficiently throughout the whole year. Having the ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the home will help to save you from a high bill every month. One of the best ways to keep your unit working properly is to keep it well maintained. The cost to maintain your boiler is significantly lower than if you were to repair one part or replace the unit altogether.

Maintaining Efficiency

This is the most important feature we look for in a boiler and one we never want to lose out on. In order to maintain this you need to keep an eye on the temperature, oxygen, turbulence, and timing.

Every few months you should look at the temperature setting of the unit. It should be at the same temperature that it was set at when the unit first arrived. This will allow it to create the proper amount of pounds of steam every hour in order to run the various turbines.

The turbulence is inside of the fossil fuel systems and is a result of a combination of forced draft and induced fans. The drafts from these help to produce the amount of turbulence needed to keep it running with the right amount of efficiency.

Prevent Problems

Many people will not notice that there is a problem with the unit until it is too late. You should be looking at the water levels and temperature setting every couple of months. Try to see if there are any leaks, blockages, or if the water level is simply too low for it to be functioning at a normal level.

Also make sure to clean out any dust from the paneling and all around the boiler. The build up of dust can cause erosion around the unit – which can result in bigger problems in the future. At the first sign of trouble you should call someone to take a look at it. They can examine it thoroughly and spot any signs before it is made worse.