Boiler Tank Prices

Knowing how a boiler works can be easy – but trying to know the different parts used to make it function properly can become overwhelming. Trying to figure out what part might be broken and trying to replace it is a hassle – but it can help to save us a great deal of money. One of the most important parts is the hot water tank.

Hot Water Tanks

There are two common types of tanks used on hot water boilers; bladder expansion and steel expansion. Both of these work to prevent excess pressure building up within the tank while it is heating water.

A cushion will be created that will help to keep the pressure relief valve from being opened and removing some of the water inside. A technician will understand how everything works and will look in this part of the boiler if they see any signs of this problem.

What Causes Bad Air

Bad air is caused when the boiler loop is filled and air bubbles are allowed to enter the system through the make up water feed. Each of these bubbles will come out of the water over time and build up inside of the unit. Usually it will find its way into parts of the boiler where it is not needed and that will cause problems.

The most common problem that will occur is hydronic air lock. This keep the water from flowing through the loop and into the necessary areas. The water must than be purged in order to restore the heat. With the right amount of air management this problem can be fixed and prevented. Sometimes though the damage is so severe that the tank and the loop must be replaced.

Replacement Cost

The cost of a new expansion tank will vary depending on what model you have and the size of it. The smaller tanks will cost between $60 to $150. The larger tanks will cost anywhere between $1,000 to $4,000. Along with the cost of the tank you must also pay for a technician to come out and install the new part.