Cost To Replace Boilers

Boilers are important in any business or home and they are also quite expensive. When one breaks down we pray that it only requires one or two parts before it is up and running again. However, there comes a time when no amount of new parts is going to save it. When this happens it is time to replace it with something better and more efficient.

The cost to replace a boiler will vary depending on how large it is, what brand you purchase, and where it is being placed. If you are replacing something incredibly old with something new there might be the need to change some of the duct work or add certain modifications around it. All of these things could greatly alter the price.


Before you run out and pay for it all you must get three estimates. This will allow you to compare the costs and the brands and determine what will be the most affordable and convenient for you to use. The five basic types of boilers are gas, oil, electric, combination, and hot water. The gas boiler is going to be one of the most efficient and affordable.


Once you have collected the estimates for the top three models you are looking at you must move onto the features that each of them can offer. Whether you are purchasing a domestic or industrial boiler you need to find something that is going to save you money and distribute the heat evenly through all of the rooms.

Compare the features that each of them has to offer and decide on what will be a waste to use and what is going to make using it more cost efficient for you. Remember that the price can also be determined by the features that you wish to have.


Not only do you have to budget $3,000 or more to replace the boiler – but you must also budget the cost to install it. You need to compare and gather estimates on the local boiler contractors. Make sure that they will do a good job and make no mistakes that will have to be fixed at a later time.