Energy Efficient Boiler Prices

It seems that every day the cost for gas and oil is getting higher and higher. Research shows that a few homeowners – residing in the Northern United States – will spend more than half of their annual energy bills on heating and cooling. This means that they are literally spending thousands of dollars each year.

There is a way that you can work to make your boiler more efficient and to spend your money on something more important. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a brand new boiler. This might seem like a drastic thing to do. However, many manufacturers have worked hard to produce more efficient boilers that are more compact – and easier to maintain.


So what should you look for? Some of the more efficient models are made using steel, copper, or cast iron heat exchanged. They might also have a different style of venting and burners than what the older models used. These parts will allow the unit – as a whole – to transform the fuel to heat water or to make steam. The hot water or steam will travel through the piping in the building until it reached the baseboard heaters or radiators and is distributed throughout the open area.

Energy Rating

One of the easiest ways to find what you are looking for is to look at the energy rating it has been given. The majority of boilers that are fifteen years old or more will have a very low rating that might shock you. This rating means that around 40% of the heat being produced is wasted. The newer models will sit between 80% to 95%. The amount of money you will save is amazing to say the least!


Make sure that you don’t get something that is too small or too large for your building. This will either increase the amount of heat that is going unused or you will find that there is not enough to go around evenly throughout the whole place. Follow the necessary steps to size the boiler properly.