How To Buy A New Boiler

When putting businesses together it is important that you think about the different rooms that you will need and how large the offices should be. These are the more common things we think about – but it isn’t everything. There are other details that we have to think about and budget for. One of the more essential of these is a boiler.

Boilers are machines that are used to provide hot water and to heat the building during the winter months. It would be easy for us to just purchase a common industrial boiler – but this could hurt us in the long run. We need to be able to compare the different features and prices and research to find the best one.

Boiler Types

The first thing that you need to research are the more common types of industrial boilers. Gas, electric, combi, and steam boilers are some of the more popular models. In most cases the combi boiler will not be a choice because the office space is too large. These types are only able to be used in buildings with only one bathroom.

Think about the climate that you live in and what type of fuel would be best to use. In the colder climates it is best to use propane or other natural gas fuel to power the boiler. In the warmer climates it is easier to use the electric boiler.


Price is an important issue and one that we have to base our decision on. The initial cost or the boiler and installation is going to be a big factor – but you should also think ahead. If you have to pay out a couple hundred dollars more to purchase the unit – but will save money each month to use it than it is obviously the better choice.