Pellet Boiler Prices

Wood pellet boilers are a good alternative to some of the more traditional units that we are used to using. Using electric, propane, and oil boilers can be expensive because of the amount of money we are spending to keep them running on a daily basis. The price for them continues to increase over time – but wood pellet boilers seem to stay constant.

The boilers are not a common unit for people to use – which is why you will not find them at most retail stores. Instead you will have to go through specific suppliers and web sites like or

Browse through the different web sites to find a model that will work in your home or office. These units function by churning and boiling wood pellets or other types of wood products inside of a pressurized machine. The heat is dispersed through the building through a traditional piping system.

The wood pellet boiler will usually have an overall efficiency of 86% – which is slightly less that the traditional electric boiler. It is built with an automatic ignition to make turning it on easier than ever. The automatic self cleaning sliding grate is located in the combustion area and works to keep the unit from deteriorating and breaking down.

It is insulated and soundproofed to allow for ultimate heat retention and a quiet operation. The three pass heat exchanger is one of the best forms of ash separation. This unit also comes with a speed regulated induced fan and Lamdatronic control system that can be programmed.

While you will save a great deal of money on the fuel, expect to pay a great deal more for the unit. There are several different types of units that vary in brands, controls, output, and other features. You might spend around $2,000 for a traditional unit – but expect to pay anywhere between $13,000 to $14,000 for a wood pellet boiler.