Propane Boiler Prices

There are many homes and businesses that will use propane boilers to provide heating throughout the area. These are not the most efficient units – but people prefer them because there is often no monthly charge to keep them running. Rather than using electricity these run on propane fuel – which is refilled every few months.

The cost of the propane fuel is constantly changing. It all depends on what region you live in and the price of the fuel during that time. Some might spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to three thousand. Compare some of the more popular propane boiler models to know what features they offer and how much the unit will cost.

Hydrotherm HV

This model gives people the option to vent it through a wide wall. It is one of the more efficient and flexible models on the market and comes with a dependable standing pilot. This is mounted to the floor and can run on propane or natural gas. It gives out between 50,000 to 150,000 BTU.

It is built with cast iron sections and a deluxe insulated metal jacket. The front panel of this jacket can be removed if necessary. The burner base is built with a high temperature insulation board and burner tubes. The integral flue and draft diverter helps to keep emissions low and out of the building. A constant pilot ignition system makes it easy for you to know whether the unit is on or has turned itself off. This model costs around $1,500.

Noritz NH150-DV-LP

This propane boiler is 82% efficient thanks in parts to the hydronic technology it is designed with. This is a direct vent model that is whisper quiet and provides heat and hot water evenly throughout the home. It can be used with cast iron or baseboard radiators. Unlike most propane boilers these are designed to save space and are environmentally friendly.

This has nine different temperature settings and is fully modulating so that the energy is used wisely. It weight only sixty-six pounds and has an input of 150,000 BTUs. This models costs around $1,800.